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At New Lavender House Dental Surgery, we are a dental practice offering a range of NHS dentist and private dentistry services alike. We are often asked what services are available on the NHS. The answer is that we can carry out any level of treatment that is clinically essential to provide and protect good oral health. Call to make an appointment with one of our experienced dentists today for a full dental consultation.

NHS dentist North Cheam

NHS Dentistry

  • Cheam & the surrounding areas
  • Fully qualified, experienced NHS dentists
  • Protection of oral hygiene & comfort
  • Prevention of future problems
  • Cosmetic dentistry also available

What Happens During a Check-Up?

When you attend a booked dental examination, we will carry out a detailed assessment of your mouth, teeth and gums. We will ask questions about your general health, including details of any ongoing medical conditions, and about any specific issues you have had with your mouth, teeth or gums since your last visit to a dentist. We may also ask about your general diet, whether you are a regular smoker and what you drink regularly (coffee, tea and red wine are particular culprits for tooth staining, for instance!).

We’ll discuss your daily routine for cleaning your teeth and then will be able to offer advice on the best ways to keep your mouth, teeth and gums clean and healthy. If any treatment is necessary, we’ll offer you the options for this and discuss the expected outcomes and the likely costs. We’ll also advise you on when your next appointment should be.

What Treatment Is Provided on the NHS?

NHS dentistry is not necessarily entirely free of charge, although some patients do not have to pay for treatment. Charges fall within three bands depending on the extent of the treatment. Your dentist will advise on the cost of work when they diagnose particular issues. 

Broadly speaking, the NHS will offer any treatment necessary to promote the health of your mouth, teeth and gums and keep you free from pain. Cosmetic treatments that aren’t clinically necessary but can help give you more confidence in your teeth’s appearance, for instance, such as tooth whitening, are generally only available privately and we can advise on these on request. Call us to book your full dental examination today.

NHS Dentist in Cheam

"I can only say that having a dental phobia, I wished that I had discovered these guys sooner. Theresa is absolutely brilliant and her work on my teeth has been fantastic. Even at short notice if you have toothache, they do their best to see you asap. Very welcoming and a relaxed atmosphere."

David F.


At New Lavender House Dental Surgery, we treat NHS and private patients in Cheam and the surrounding areas. Our services include the latest technology on root canal work, crown and bridge work, endodontics, tooth extraction, implants, wisdom teeth, dental hygiene services and preventative dentistry. To find out more or to book and appointment, call us now on 020 8644 7836.